The Complicated Past and Present of a California Utopia

Originally posted on Cody Delistraty:
The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, was once a bastion of hippie counterculture. Today, it’s more boutique retreat for the glamorous set. I spent a long weekend finding out if the ghosts of its past—and its countercultural heart—remain.  You pass over a narrow bridge in your tiny rental car…

When All Else Fails

Originally posted on Love Those "Hands at Home":
What do you do when you don’t feel like doing anything? When you have no mojo, no forward momentum? Do you accept that state and just hang out? That sounds nice . . . It may be clear that I feel a pressing need to…

Going for a Gallop

Originally posted on Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature & Wildlife Photography:
The boys felt frisky today. After several days of below freezing temperatures and frozen ground, my friend and I let our horses out so that they could stretch their legs. And stretch them they did. Galloping through the paddock, with strength, power, elegance and grace.…


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