An obsession

for the love of climbing

“When you don’t have something to work towards, you become apathetic.” Kurt Ross pointed that out to me a couple of months ago. Was he right? Was I leaning towards apathy, doing everything halfheartedly because I didn’t have an objective to fulfill, a dream to obsess over?

For me, the line between passion and obsession is pretty thin these days. I need passion to feel inspired to tackle a big project, but I need obsession to follow through and finish it. Where does the line get drawn? People greatly admire those with passion, but you start getting weird looks when obsession takes over and you do it a little too much. Ultimately, I needed a little bit of both to get started.

I thought about what Kurt had said to me and when I was finished sulking around in my winter doldrums, I brushed off the dust that had been collecting…

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