Homeless daughters of a hybrid diaspora

Seeking Words

The cursor blinks expectantly. You wonder,shall I begin with I ‘returned’ home or I’ve been ‘away’ from home?

At the airport, we try muting our pain through feeble consolations.
You will be back next summer, it’s just a year.
No. I have holidays in January.
That’s good…
I’ll be back before you know it.

Settling into a new school will always feel like this. Like being hit by a bus. On repeat. Add that to settling into a foreign country, an equally alien education system, and the longest school term of your life, and it’s no wonder you can’t wait to go home. For me, 2017 can’t come quick enough. I can’t wait to seefamilyand friends, to revisit places that were – still are – my own, and I definitely can’t wait to eat my weight’s worth of Subway cheese toasties.

Kind of like returning from a…

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