Brian est dans le cuisine.

Le Poisson Nage



Oh mon dieu.  There’s someone in the kitchen.

I hear them.  They are clanking a cup.

I just heard them cough.  Did you hear that?

Oh no.  It’s happening again.

Brian is in the kitchen.

Merde, Brian.  Why are you always in my kitchen? Porquoi?

I’m walking in, Brian.

I am.

Right now.

Oh yeah.  This is great.  This is a new level, Brian. Even though you are wearing a shirt that looks like a refrigerator, I can tell you are not actually a refrigerator.  First, you are wearing cargo shorts.  Second, you have a new style of facial hair that seems post-modern somehow.  And you have that strange cough all the time. Why are you coughing so much?

Oh!  Quoi? You’re making me an espresso?  Okay, fine.  You can be in my kitchen.

This time, Brian.

Seriously, I’m on to you.  You need to get your own effing…

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